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Dradis v2.8: smart refresh

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Dradis v2.2: import / export and attachments

video capture: dradis v2.2. Introducing import/export plugins and attachments Dradis v2.2 we have been adding many new features in the last few months. This demo shows some of them: import plugins, report generators and file attachments.

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Dradis v2.0: the web interface

video capture: dradis v2.0 web interface Dradis v2.0 comes with a new shiny web interface. All the functionality that you saw in DEFCON's wxWidgets interface will also be available through the web interface.

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Dradis v1.0: an introduction

video capture: dradis introduction Dradis is about different testers working on the same set of targets. It is about different clients adding new information to the server and the server notifying all the clients of the new information available.

This video shows how the information is shared between the clients: you add new information from the command line interface and the graphical interface is notified. You can have different clients running different interfaces, they will all share the same information.

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Dradis v1.0: graphical user interface

video capture: dradis graphical interface Learn what the different elements of the graphical interface are, how to perform basic tasks and how to get help on Dradis commands.

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